Life is full of events, for those that need planning, Evexity!

From birthdays to weddings, conferences or corporate meetings, we will find the perfect place to hold your event through a sophisticated algorithm that matches venues to your requirements.

Benefits for Venues

We offer the most complete range of services for your venue

Risk free

There are no ties, upgrade when ready to increase your exposure to a wider range of services

Increase sales

Increase revenue with higly qualified leads, filtered by our service

Social Marketing

We promote your venue through our social network channels increasing your venue's visibility


Improve your search rank. We provide your site with a backlink

No initial investment

We won't ask for credit card details. The only investment you require is about 5 minutes of your time

No trial periods

Let's build a long lasting relationship

Evexity was heavily influenced by customers and industry experts feedback, so we are very excited to provide innovative tools to match new event industry trends.

List your space

Best for individuals and agents

One-stop for all your events


Target precisely the perfect venue to host your event.

Starts with Free Plan

It's a free service.

Venues Fight for You

Let venues fight for your event. Less time searching!


Forget phone calls - Fast and secure your details are safe with us

No Middle Man

No middle man - Get the best possible quotes


Simple to use. No software or downloads, magically integrates with your daily routine

The platform that will guide you all the way

From start to finish, step by step

Find exactly what you looking for

Evexity is a lightning-fast cloud platform that matches venues to your event requirements.

Get in Touch

Feel free to drop us a line to contact us

If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting us on the email below. To receive news and updates from Evexity enter your details in the boxes and hit the subscribe button.

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